A great company starts with great people

Recharge360 is the #1 program to boost mental well-being and team performance

Our world is changing fast. Empower your people to adapt and thrive.

Mental well-being and optimal team performance cannot be achieved overnight. While employee benefits, mental support, and workshops are helpful they rarely provide a lasting impact. Our Recharge360 program is designed to create lasting change.

The program starts with a company RechargeWeek. We encourage healthy habits and kickstart the journey towards sustainable well-being. Our full-year program ensures that these healthy habits become permanent fixtures in your team’s lifestyle. Investing in Recharge360 is an investment in your team’s mental health and a more productive workplace.

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What if we recharged ourselves as often as we did our phones?

Great things in business are never done by one person, they’re done by a team of people.

Mental well-being and performance is not just an individual issue, it’s a team effort. Over 55.000 participants have tried our program and experienced the power of colleague support and friendly competition.

Our program fosters a culture of teamwork and accountability. So instead of pushing initiatives, your employees will invite each other to join. Join Recharge today and experience the power of a supportive and focused team!

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The all-in-one solution to support mental well-being and performance.

  • A 360° approach

    Our bespoke approach blends online and offline to improve physical, mental, and social well-being.

  • Engaging your team

    The program is a conversation starter and delivers the highest activation rate in the industry.

  • Personal Support

    When extra support is needed our certified coaches provide personalized support.

"One of my colleagues was on the verge of a burnout. I recommended the Recharge360 program to him. The structure has given him back his overview. He's enthusiastic again."

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